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Re: Hong Kong demonstrations

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Simply put:
- Macau and itís residents has benefitted a lot from China over the last two decades. Macau lives from gambling and tourism. And the mainland Chinese love to visit and spend big.
- HK has lost a lot of its previous power as a trade hub to Shenzhen and Shanghai. Itís under a constant economic pressure from the cheaper neighbors resulting in less wealth than they had in the 80s or 90s. At the same time do Chinese buy up the real estate making life expensive and hard for the average Hongkonger...
According to my friend born in HK, the Chinese have also siphoned cash and have not invested in education in HK. Those resources were reinvested in Chinese education to the detriment of those in HK. It's a big reason behind the demonstrations. My friend also said, China has basically redeployed assets to render HK inferior regarding business and trade vis-a-vis Shanghai and Shenzen.

Pretty sad if you ask me. I also think Macao is basically a money laundering conduit/outlet.
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