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Re: Forced to take a 25% paycut at the end of my probation period

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Thank you for posting this situation! It is really despicable practices and you should post this on glassdoor, people should be aware how they can get trapped. It useless trying to prove that your performance was good and what they are doing just scamming. Among all the legalities in Switzerland and being a foreigner it is easy to be taken advantage of and act out of fear losing something. If I were in this situation, but previously had a normal work history, I would without hesitation said "go f%#ck yourself", left and never put this on my resume, registered with RAV and kept looking for a job. But I understand in this situation already being one year unemployed does make it difficult, then you just accept the offer, half a day spend in cafeteria and actively look for a job. Companies will do everything to squeeze you as much as they can and they don't give two cents about you, nor should you give any damn about them, build up your skills and know your value, in software there are thousands of jobs.
It is illegal to defame any company.
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