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Re: The racial time bomb-USA

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At the end of the day police officers are just civilians with a fancy uniform. They don't really have many actually legally founded priniciples conferring them special rights. I don't know if the US has this but in the UK there is something called a citizen's arrest. Any civilian may arrest any other civilian in a public space, including even a police officer, if they see a crime being committed.

This raises the sticky question of the people who filmed Floyd's death but didn't go in and place a citizen's arrest on the officer in question. Are they technically just as guilty as the police officers who didn't help?

The reason of course is, the law says one thing but in reality they'd be more likely to have their skulls smashed in if they tried to apply it.
The thing is these type of police are not citizens. They are wild animals. Who ever heard if arresting a wild animal.There are other more direct ways to bring down a wild animal
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