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Re: Any good family lawyer for defending fathers in child custody matter?

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The OP said 1h20 or 50m drive (one way) which would imply double the time for a pick up and return to his place.....attention to detail!
And perhaps attention to detail when you google then copy and paste the first link you come across without taking the time to check the credentials of the source while claiming it is a scientific study. In this case an internet site full of fluff that styles themselves as a home design and lifestyle site.

But comparing like with like, in other words time of travel in a car: the oh so unscientific article you linked stated less than an hour drive but nowhere in that text did it stipulate that they meant it to be a round trip. OP reckons 50 - 1hr drive in traffic so assuming less when no traffic

The study was further looking at the stability of USA college aged student whose parents had divorced. Comparing the lifestyle and upbringing of children who were already college age in 2003 with a baby born in 2019 and living in Switzerland is just laughable
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