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Re: Neighbour's cats a nuisance

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I love cats, and normally my neighbour's cats would be welcome as visitors to my home. We live on the fourth floor and they cross over to my balcony from his, then enter through my balcony door. Unfortunately, they have started peeing all over my flat and on my bed.

I'm unclear as to my rights here, and his obligations. Can I ask him to keep his cats from crossing onto my balcony? I don't feel that I should be the one who has to keep their balcony door closed at all times. I should be able to freely enjoy my property without the nuisance caused by my neighbour's cats.

Anyone have an experience similar to this? I don't want to make the cats' lives difficult, but I also don't want a home that stinks of cat pee.
Simply chase it away with a banging on a pot. They hate that. Or throw water on it if its outside on your balcony.