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Re: Is it worth buying a flat in Switzerland?

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Not sure I understand this part.

Say you lose your job. If you are renting, you need to vacate within 3 months or move to a cheaper place, but no-one will rent you anything if you don't have a job).

If you are paying a mortgage, unless interest rates go up 3x, you can probably still afford many months more of interest payments. You can move to a cheaper place and rent your place out (at least you can call this income), or worst case scenario, sell your place and get back your deposit and a bit of profit, unless of course your property value has dropped so much (in which case, renting it out is a better option.).
The RAV buys you 18 months give or take and with 3 months' notice that buys you 21 months or almost 2 years to find something. The reality is that no one will touch you in my business if you've been out of the market for over a year. In my field there are maybe 2-3 jobs that come up every year in CH and it has taken me close to a year to change jobs when I have. Most of the jobs I do are in London so if I lose my job in CH I have maybe 6 months to find something here before I move back to London. So for me buying here just doesn't make sense.

And trust me if house prices are falling you can be 100% sure banks will be "restructuring" costs (employees) haha.
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