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Swiss apartments vs USA apartments

Hi Everyone,

Ill get right into it.

I lived in a apartment in the Philadelphia area paying $1500.00 a month. To me I felt I could find something decent with this budget of mine but clearly not. I got a two bedroom apartment on the top floor.

I had to call police three times on neighbors below me due to screaming and obvious family issues, I was actually worried. It kept happening and we heard everything below us. TV could be heard, simple conversations and weekend family reunions. The floor constantly creaked below our feet as well from a poorly built apartment building.

I had Marijuana smell coming into my apartment from the neighbor beside me and below me and from my front door. Individuals would smoke in the hallway of the building and set off the fire alarm. I had to purchase an air filter to handle the smell, what bothered me the most was my kids having to sleep with it in their bedroom.

Trash was left outside of the dumpster every weekend and would overflow leaving a huge mess. People would throw trash everywhere around the apartment building as well.

We would have individuals smoking outside the front door of the apartment and young thugs would hang out on the steps of the building and scream and yell all day long.

So, I have not had the best experience from this apartment living in the states. I am in Lausanne now looking for a apartment and looking for work. I have two little girls.

Can you please give me some advice as to what to look for regarding apartments here in Switz.
Are apartments this bad as described above here in Switz?
I am not one to have to live in the city, is living out of the city a better option if I am looking for a decent, quiet apartment?
Would appreciate advice from people that have had apartment experiences in the states to be able to compare them to Switz.

Thank you so much for the time I appreciate it.
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