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Re: Border Open for Food Shopping

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There seems to be a bit of a lingustic muddle between the French and German interpritation of "midnight".
The french have said that the borders will be opening from midnight on the 15th.. meaning 00.01 Monday morning.
The germans have said the same, but they mean after midnight on the 15th, so 00.01 on Tuesday.
I've no clue why so many people have it wrong tho and it imho has nothing to do with how "0:00" should be interpreted, but the Germans said on the 10th of June:

"Ende der Binnengrenzkontrollen mit Ablauf des 15. Juni"

Which simply means that the restrictions will be gone when the 15th has expired and thus with the start of the 16th the restrictions are gone (where it concerns the border to Switzerland) Which is also extremely clearly said in the picture.

I think it is simply a case of somebody having it wrong and the rest just follows and nobody checks a proper source.
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