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Re: Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

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I'm still not convinced that the name conveys an intention to offend, rather than just a name that was applied in naive innocence at a time that people had other worries.

I wonder how many other names may at their root, if you dig deep enough, be offensive. Many names, be they brands, or place names, or surnames even, we accept at face value without thinking where they come from or what they may mean, or have meant in the past. Or could mean if analysed with a certain intent.

Let us take the Starbucks logo for example. An awkwardly styled mermaid, probably hailing to the days that coffee came by ship, and thus representing the figurehead of a sailing ship. Now if you consider the trade triangle, the same ship that brought us coffee would on another leg of its triangular round trip have been a slave ship. That thing on your disposable coffee cup is the figurehead of a slave ship.

Where is the outrage?

One point that is spectacularly missed is that cacao beans are harvested,predominantly in West Africa by children working under terrible conditions and for a pittance.
The faux outrage directed at the producers of Mohrenkopf would be far better directed at the chocolate companies who profit from this child labour.