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Re: Hypothetical Pension Question - Covid Trigger

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Hi all,
I was talking to some friends in the UK and the conversation took an interesting turn.
Strangely these two hard-driving successful folk were saying "I've got used to more time at home and I quite like it". A work:life balance type of a thing.
Both are >55 and as a result can access their pensions so are planning to "retire" from their current high power jobs, start taking pension and then take a smaller local job (no world travel!) to bridge part of the gap.
Now the question for the experts on the forum; they asked me whether one could do the same thing in CH? Its hypothetical for me, but I had to say that I don't know...and that bugs me!
Is it possible to do the same here, "retire" from a big job, start taking pension money and then take on a small job to bridge the gap? (I get permits permitting etc...another aspect of the hypotheticality)
Anyone know?
It all depends on how much money one has and to what type of pension money is referred.