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Re: What kind of vegetable plants grow in Switzerland?

Before I moved where I live now, I grew (due to lack of cash) lots of things on the balcony to feed my kids and me.
I was able to grow almost anything.

Here are my tips for you from my own experience.

- Because you'll be using pots/flowerboxes you need to check more frequently, that the plants have enough water, than if you'd use high rise beds or plant into the ground.

High rise beds are NOT TO BE USED on a balcony. When it rains. one can quickly weigh over a ton and damage the structure.

- Line the pots about 3cm high with either expanded clay aggregate or shards of broken clay pots, then add the soil. This will help that the plants won't get 'wet feet'

- Because your are quite late in the season, I'd recommend buying seedlings at a garden center, instead of sowing your own (unless it's quick growing stuff like radishes, cress, cutting lettuce)

- Almost anything will grow on a balcony, if tended to.

- Below is the link to the photo album of my FB cookery Blog (alas you need to join, to be able to see the pix), there are many photos illustrating how MY balcony looked with all the plants.

- Tomatoes need to be protected from rain, but need direct sunshine as well
- Cucumbers/peas can use the balcony railing as climbing help
- Use the 'art' of companion planting, this will help the plants to grow as well as keep pests at bay.

For instance, plant together in a large enough pot or in alternating 'rows':

- cucumber and fennel
- Tomatoes and Basil
- beetroot with kohlrabi
- radishes and leeks
- green beans (not runner beans!) and daikon radish
- leafy salad and spring onions

I grew all of that and more in pots on my balcony.

Once you are set up with pots & soil, you can also grow stuff (once the summer yield is harvested [planting/sowing in fall]) that will feed you during winter time, such as spinach, leeks, kale & cabbages, sugar loaf salad.

As for fruits, strawberries grow well and easily on a balcony, google 'strawberry pot'. This pot will allow you to grow a few plants on relatively small space, those pots are also super for planting several kitchen herbs in small space.

The garden centers sell several vegetables and fruits in pint sized form already potted and showing edible stuff , especially for balcony gardening.


Cheerio, EE
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