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Re: Bought a defective appliance used - any recourse?

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Yes. That's right. I'll explain that to properly test a dehumidifier, it needs to run in a humid environment for at least an hour, if not more. He and I did not do that, as sitting and waiting in a stranger's place of work for an hour is just odd, and most of you wouldn't have done that. I wouldn't have done that if I was told the unit is basically new and in new working order.

On top of it, you can't see the physical issue of it icing up unless you take off the cover (20 screws), which we wouldn't have done together either.

My point is that if this was wrapped in plastic for godknows how long before I bought it, there was no way for him to test it and say it's in perfect working condition.
If the seller has any good will then he should give you your money back. He sounds like an arse hole
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