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Re: Tesla Roadster 2020

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There are a few car enthusiasts here. Are any of you thinking about getting the 2020 roadster which will be out soon if no delays:

What are your thoughts on electric vs ICE cars?
That Tesla is 250K CHF, thus no

Tested an electric car first time last April. It was Porsche Taycan and my wife loved it. I drive in a small road full of lovely corners and imperfections in the asphalt. It looks large but it doesn't felt that large on the road, the steering wheel feels perfect. Time to torque was scary, you need more than 40 min drive to get confident with the accel pedal. For me it's a 4 door car, so I pass. People say range is a worry but the longest single trip we've done is Aarau-Milano, once. Trips within Switzerland are much shorter. Even 300km range is enough for a round trip and there are chargers everywhere anyway.

Driving the Taycan left me thinking about the electric Lotus Elise...errrr, a 2011-2012 Tesla Roadster. I wanted an Elise since I was a teenager. It would make a nice 2nd car while my wife has a reliable 4 door one. If it fails I can still use the train, when it works I'll smile. Batteries should be dead by now but there are lots of small companies retrofitting electric motors on classic models. People like this can bring back an old Tesla to life. Sadly, old Tesla Roadsters are still at 70K. When will they get to 30-35K?

But ICE cars are not dead yet. Mercedes-AMG just announced they'll bring to the market an engine with electric turbo next year. The technology has potential, engineers squeezed 270 HP per liter with an electric turbo (Garret) for a total of 474 HP from a 1.75L 4 cyl engine, while maintaining the fuel consumption of the small engine and reducing emissions
Another turbo manufacturer, BorgWagner claims their electric turbo + exhaust turbo makes a 4cyl Mustang faster than the 8 cyl one

In the end, if emissions matter, just rise the petrol tax and people will use less the car. Less congested roads make me smile.
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