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Re: Tesla Roadster 2020

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(The "SpaceX package" is apparently one or more thrusters who eject highly compressed cold air to help with accelerating the car 0-60 in less than two seconds. The exact details of how this is going to work are not yet known - but it's a funny item to speculate about)
The 1.9 s acceleration figure is for the standard Roadster. Tesla hasn't provided any figures for the SpaceX version (nor actually confirmed its existence—it could all be a figment of Elon's fertile imagination), but in a really entertaining video on YouTube, a mathematician has worked out that the SpaceX package could produce a 0-100 time of a ridiculous (and neck-snapping) 1.0 s!

That said, no, I won't buy a new Roadster. I'll wait a few years for the multiple problems of the car and the new battery to be ironed out, then I will gladly purchase one. By then, the price will likely have dropped, too.
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