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Re: What kind of vegetable plants grow in Switzerland?

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A balcony pot in the blazing sun is likely to get quite warm, hot even. The roots won't like that, especially later in the afternoon when the water from the morning may have evaporated already.

Perhaps try to keep the pots shaded? (provided you don't already)

I don't think it is a necessitiy to go to big lenghts when one wants to grow edibles on a balcony in pots.

At my old home, my balcony was exposed to full sun from just before midday onwards to evening, no real shade for the plants, sometimes blazing hot and exposed to draughty winds it was too. I grew our veggies in plastic pots and it went very well.

One just has to consider to water the plants twice a day, give plant feed on shady or even rainy days. I did this balcony gardening for a great number of years and apart from one or the other herb (coriander/dill) I didn't have any problems
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