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Re: Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

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I was at a birthday party yesterday and there was a woman there who I began chatting with. She showed me a photo of her (gorgeous!) daughter from her phone and pointed out that she's half white and half black. She used a term I had never heard before to refer to being "mixed." I just wish I could remember what it was. Too much sangria.
Mulatto? (Another outdated term, but one that specifically describes that situation.)
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Wonder how long this thread will be until the white people have decided, what the non-pale-people would like to be called.
Exactly so. Every living human is of the same species, even the same subspecies. It's interesting that one shade of Homo sapiens sapiens likes to call themselves "white" while all other "races" get one other descriptor, basically meaning "not white". So there are two options, and one is apparently more desirable than the other...

The whole concept of "races" is inherently racist. As soon as you pigeon-hole somebody as one race or another, you've made a racist decision -- it's unavoidable. But is it necessary?

Lots of people are a mix of more than two races.
EVERYBODY in the world is a mix of "races". Over 300,000 years, there have been a lot of opportunities to mix up the chromosomes, so to speak. And given that scientists pretty much universally agree that Homo sapiens arose in Africa -- as "black" people -- it's more than a little laughable that anybody would regard "white" people as the master race. (Not that you did, Tom, I'm just making the point.)
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