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Re: Is the Mohrenkopf a racist piece of candy?

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I don't measure myself or my opinion by my interactions with people of any colour, it is completely irrelevant as to the numerical proportion of black people I know who work in any industry. Only you see this as important to serve your argument.

And by the way... you said subservient. Do you know what subservient means? Using that word in that context was completely demeaning to anyone working in any service role, regardless of race. They are normal people doing an essential job and if you need that explaining to you then you are even more misguided than I thought.

If your intention in this thread has been to make yourself look like a complete plonker, then you have achieved, nay exceeded, that goal admirably.
I didn't use that word unintentionally.

If you are prepared to continue racially insulting people (you seem fine using coloured, despite the context and explanations) you cannot view the insultee as anything other than beneath you.