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Re: Neighbors talking by the window at 2AM - excessive noise?

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Hi folks -

I live in an apartment block in a generally quiet neighborhood in Geneva - the place is dead silent after 9PM. We tend to sleep with our windows open, given how hot it's been getting and the ban on air condition in French-speaking Switzerland. Our windows - including the bedroom ones - face another apartment block across the street about 10 meters away.

Yesterday, the neighbors in that apartment block decided to have an - admittedly low-key - house party (we're talking three people) which lasted well into 2AM. While no music was played and I honestly wouldn't say they were crazy-loud, it basically involved three people congregating and talking around the window that faces right into our bedroom - so it was literally like having someone talking right outside your bedroom non-stop.

What are my rights? I was tempted to call the police, but, in fairness to the neighbors, they were just talking, rather than playing loud music or doing anything that would be commonly considered as excessive noise (washing machines, loud laughter or music, etc). I also understand, given how hot it's been getting, why they don't want to close their kitchen window.

On the other hand, for much the same reason, I don't think I should be obliged to close my bedroom window at night either; fundamentally, it should be on them to avoid making noise and accept the discomfort that comes with doing so, rather than on me to find ways to cope with it.

Note that they as the neighbors in question don't live in the same apartment block as me, this isn't as easy as just knocking on their door and asking them to keep it down.
Call the police!! Are you crazy?

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