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Re: moving to Switzerland from France

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That depends on how much you earn. And ultimately where you live is going to depend partially on where you can find a job. You don't give any info about what job you are looking for apart from being in finance.
I am in BNP , internal control, related to securities operations.
Backoffice job in financial control I suppose is how to summarize this.
Honestly I can do a lot better than this (I've been stuck doing to and not changin in order to get my French papers sorted + gt be there some time before internal mobility is possible and then corona happened and now mobility is not before 2021.)
Roughly speaking im in the 40-43K per year BRUT (before tax - crying hard here) if I am to count in bonuses, my working on national holidays and support money for various things including for the kid, activities, holidays, etc by Commitée d'entreprise (our IS excellent)
I used t0 have a part time job in French uni as an English substitute teacher but thats done with.

This leads me to my next question , actually, how easily do the Swiss give you a chance to move up the career ladder ? Because it is a true nightmare in France, IMHO. Its a VERY slow, step by step process...
I believe in this sence its much easier in the anglo-saxon "world" - they can easily make you redundant or eve fire you yet they are a lot more open to giving you a chance to prove what you are capable of. One of the reasons I was considering the UK ...

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