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Re: Buying a used cabrio

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I was discouraged from buying because I was told that if I donít have a covered parking lot and intend to do it by street parking, then a cabrio is not advisable.

Is this because of weather conditions or safety issues? I am based in ZŁrich.
Weather shouldn't be an issue. My wife's Audi TT roadster has been kept outside for most of the ten years she's had it, just occasionally cleaning any dirty deposits off the soft-top to avoid algae build-up is all we've really done. It gets properly washed very infrequently.

Security, probably not a problem either. I don't know either of the cars you mention, but the Audi's top isn't really soft, and I imagine those are similar, with a hard panel actually including within it. Then again, it's Zurich, so perhaps others have more experience with car crime levels there than I do.
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