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Re: Damages incurred by window cleaning company

So to get this straight.

1 adult says the company broke something.
Several adults say the company did not break something.

So unless you have hard proof that they indeed did break it, this is a case of "life sucks" imho.

I assume it is undisputed by all parties that they indeed performed the act of cleaning. So unless they did not do a job as agreed upon withholding that payment might end up in a Betreibung and a higher bill.

You can consult the ombudsman, or contact your legal insurance (if you have any)

This is a case where I'd accept my losses.

As for future, stay far away from companies that approach you for cleaning, fixing the roof, placing tiles in the garden etc.. etc.. unless you can check references/reputation. Better to perhaps pay some more and pick yourself to avoid a big chance of being screwed-up in one way or the other.
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