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Re: Bats

This is a good article in English (about English Bats, but I am assuming the same applies to Swiss bats).
Some highlights:
As their natural habitats have been lost, bats have adapted to roost in houses. Some bat species now rely on buildings for shelter.

Bats are not rodents, and will not nibble or gnaw at wood, wires or insulation.

Bats do not build nests and therefore do not bring bedding material into the roost; neither do they bring their insect prey into the roost.

Bats are a great form of natural pest control.

Female bats usually have only one baby a year, so properties do not become 'infested'.

Most bats are seasonal visitors to buildings - they are unlikely to live in the same building all year round, although they are loyal to their roosts and so usually return to the same roosts year after year.

You could put up bat houses, to try to attract them to another spot, but probably your bats are already set for the summer. Bat houses have to be specifically placed regarding the sun, bat predators, and other factors.
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