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Re: Youtube for kids?

It is not only on an android device, but youtube kids is only to be used through the app. If you use youtube in your browser it is a general access method outside the app.

You can simply install it on the iPad using the app, as for PC/Mac you have to install an android or iOS app player and run the app in there. (personally I would not go that far)
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This is what we do. Easy peasy, I simply used my google account to set it. But we are a Mac family.
Thanks people .. So it's just the Youtube kids app, on iPad or iPhone . Suppose on the apple TV too?

Does it allow them to make videos? I was gonna let them do that and just keep them private.. Obviously there are many kid youtube stars.

Edit : Still not getting this .. Installed the app on apple TV .. Linked to my account.. But where does their account come into it? I set up their own google account.
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