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Re: Divorce remotely

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It's ONLY about financial support, read OP more carefully again. If you have a problem understanding, replace the "she" with a "he" and you will be...OMG SHOCKING!
LOL, you lost me now.
Anyway, too many contradictions for my taste, so better spend the week-end on something else:

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Hi all,

I went traveling 6 months ago and never came back home to my husband, due to COVID-restrictions. The country I am stuck in is still closed, all my Swiss life felt apart including our relationships, so we decided to divorce remotely.

We got married and moved to Switzerland 4 years ago, both non-EU nationals, no kids. My permit was dependent on his, I never worked officially but 2 years ago I registered as Individual (entrepreneur), so I started to pay AVS on my own. In 2019 I had 0 income tho, so I have no idea why the commune havenít change my status back.

I am alone stuck in another country with zero income, zero savings, and zero support from anywhere, trying to figure out the divorce. What rights do I have? Am I eligible for 50% of his savings or something else? Is it possible to make it remotely at all?
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I suggest you to read the thread one more time - I never asked for a financial support from my husband. In fact, we always had separate budgets. I started this thread asking about a possibility of a remote divorce and trying to understand what are my rights after living 4 years together in Switzerland.

Again, I did not come back to Switzerland during the pandemia because Iím stuck in Latin America, there were no flights back and I donít have enough of a budget to take a private jet.

I really do not understand why itís so many negative comments here and zero response related to the primary question. It seems to me that you having difficulty even to imagine how itís to be a women that lost income during Corona (we suffered from Corona all 2019?!) (I used to organize events and retreats, thatís why I travel), stuck in a country of traveling, and then her full time employed husband demanded a divorce remote.
I would say, if the husband demands remote divorce, he can also figure out how it's done. If she does not agree, he can't anyway - two years separation if one doesn't agree.

If one were sarcastic - which nobody is of course - it would cross one's mind that this two year's separation is tried to be forced by husband by not flying her back.

Whatever the situation really is, I would turn to Swiss embassy (as well as the one of your country) for advice.
All the best.
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