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Re: Redeemed company car - import duties

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Is it? My company car was on the company’s name. What kind of proof would they then accept that it was yours? Always thought it was ownership rather tgan using it
I know several people who imported a company/lease car duty-free.


"Als Übersiedlungsgut gelten Fahrzeuge von Zuziehenden, die von diesen zur persönlichen Lebenshaltung oder zur Berufs- oder Gewerbeausübung während mindestens sechs Monaten im Zollausland benutzt wurden und die zur eigenen Weiterbenutzung im Zollgebiet bestimmt sind."

If the car has been used as a personal car like to grandma on Saturday, church on Sunday, and work and shopping on weekdays. it's o.k.

As for proof, a declaration from the company, and the lease contract with the company would be a good one. For the rest everything helps like parking tickets, gasstation bills etc..
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