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Re: Moving with Pre-Existing health condition

Hi, Marog--

The health system here is (thankfully!) great, and there doesn't seem to be much hassle with billing. I just recently moved, so wanted to offer my experiences, in case they would be helpful:

- Get the insurance with the lowest franchise (deductible) for your wife (and maybe yourself!). It'll def be worth it!
- Look up doctors in the area where you are planning on living and see if anyone looks good. The standards here are high, so don't feel pressured to find "the best" -- an oncologist that cares about their patients and whom you can easily communicate with will be great. You can also switch doctors later, if needed/desired. Set some time aside to call around and chat to folks -- I talked to a couple of practices before I chose the GP that I liked.
- Get your wife's medical records (all of 'em!) from your practice and all of the oncology records from the NHS. I'd recommend a hard copy you can mail and a soft copy you can e-mail (if you feel comfortable doing that). I had a soft copy that my GP here read before my appointment and seemed to know my "case" well before I ever walked in the door, which was super helpful for me and put me at ease. (I don't even think I got charged for that time, but I would've hit my franchise anyway with that appointment.) This should help the doctor prescribe the same medication to maintain (and not change) treatment. Get your medical records, too -- it's helpful for doctors to have a record of patients' medical histories.
- Get your current doctors to prescribe 1-3 months of meds in advance. Doctors should be fairly reasonable about this, but you might have to do some insisting.

Basic insurance covers all the same things, so once you know your postcode, you can shop around ( is a good resource - from their list, I visited individual providers' websites to see what they had in English and what other things they offered as supplemental; if you don't have time for any of it, you can get the cheapest basic option on comparis and then figure out supplemental later).

If you do have the time, a couple of things I comparison-shopped for that I found super helpful was: insurance company with documentation/website/terms in English (our German is definitely not good enough for legal documents) and the practice billing the insurance company directly (the practice I chose does this, so I don't have to worry about bills at the doctor's office -- they come through the mail or the online account when the insurance company needs me to settle some balances).

Good luck with the move, and all the best to you and your wife!