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Because I was told by my old Treuhand that I had to have a contract in order to satisfy the requirements to get my B Resident's permit. [ They might have been wrong, but thats why ]. Note: I also pay myself varying salaries from month to month depending on available funds.

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If you've reduced your salary, you'll get a refund.
Allegedly, at some point, yes. SVA Zurich were good, they refunded within 5 months of the year end. BVG have not .. yet and neither have UVG .. yet. Its month 7 after 2019 year end and still no refund.

Likewise I still haven't gotten the withholding tax refunds either. If I add it all up I'm probably owed many thousands.

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Further, if you choose not to pay the salary, you can just make an accounting entry that the company owes you money. Simplest though is to stop paying a salary. If your company can't afford to pay other (s bills, then really you need to make a loan to it.
That doesn't result in the situation I need here .. i.e. the company stops having to pay large amounts out to SVA, BVG, UVG every quarter because the company cannot afford to pay those things due to a lack of revenue due to the coronavirus situation. The last revenues were on March 12th ( excluding the 2.5 months of Kurzarbeit )

I'm not concerned about other typical bills, they are minimal and can be made almost nothing.

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Why dont you give yourself a part-time contract ?

I am a normal employee (of a Swiss government sponsored non-profit) and have a 60% contract. A normal work week however is 80%, so I have many weeks free. Because of a large project I worked much more than my contract for the last half year, but now I am in a period where I work much less than 60%. I still get my normal salary though, and normal contributions are paid. I guess, with lots of overtime accumulated, also a one time payment would be possible.

A parttime contract might be the way to skip over downtime in your case ? And you can buy off lots of overtime by giving yourself one-time payments, in case you are busier than expected ?
The contract isn't the problem. Right now, I can't pay any salary and won't be able to until customers decide to require my services. It's too complicated to go in to the why's. I'm told by the upstream companies who my company has a supply agreement with that they are not expecting customers to require the specific services provided by consultants like myself until after the summer, probably October at the earliest but that is not guaranteed.

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