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Re: Advice on tires

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On another note, can I replace the front tires with those of a different make?
There's different religions on this but I wouldn't. Why skimp on something so important and introduce even more variability that may end up causing problems later? It's better to aim to have tyres worn evenly across the car, and mixing brands can lead to more imbalances in wear, grip, stability, etc. That's a purist view, but if you spend 50k+ on a car it's a false economy to save a few hundreds on the most safety-important item that will keep you on the road for 5 years or more.

I just noticed that your car has different tyre sizes front/rear. It's odd that the fronts (which are narrower) get worn out more, I would expect the wider tires rear to be the ones where most traction and more wear? Check well the tyre history but something may be amiss if you get extensive front wear (issue with the XDrive?)

Ask around some BMW forums, you'll get some answers if this may be a known issue. I had a car before where there was a factory issue with tyre feathering across the model - it would wear the edges of the front tyres in 10-15k, and it was a RWD
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