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Re: Advice on tires

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Attached are pics of one of the rear tires and the 2 front tires. Pic 1 is the rear tire and as you can see, it looks almost new ( the other rear tire is in the same condition ), pic 2 is the left front tire and pic 3 is the right front tire. Both are much more worn than the rear tires and now I see that the outer rim of the right front tire is definitely more worn than the rest.
Yes, there is visible uneven wear on the right tyre in the left side of the picture - this is quite bad actually. There is also some visible on the left tyre too (on the right side of the picture - I can't figure out the direction of travel) but not as bad.

This to me for sure looks like an alignment issue - this can be fixed in a tyre shop with a laser alignment machine; the right tyre might need replacing even after alignment as it looks quite worn on that side, but the tyre shop will advise you better than me.

But as about fronts vs rears - the rears look quite new to me! If you bought the car at 18k, and done 25k more and these are the original tyres the tyre has done nearly 40k - that rear tyre does not look like a tyre that did 40k! It barely looks like a 15k tyre to me

Check the manufacturing date on the tyres:
this may give you an idea if the rear tyres are newer. The date of manufacture may be 6months-1year before the date of fitting for new cars

The front tyres look normal-ish for 40k wear, looks like you still have about 1mm left until the wear marker (little strip on the main groove). That except the uneaven wear due to alignment for the right tyre.

Also you can check the thread depth with a simple coin
When you do your servicing, the mechanic usually writes each tyre depth on the service sheet - do you have that?
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