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Re: Dog Adoption Thread - agencies to adopt from and advice

An additional note for the OP.

Compared to the UK, adopting a dog from a rescue shelter here is comparatively expensive. You will see part of the reason for that when you visit a shelter - rescue animals live in pens and facilities that are......luxurious compared to many of the shelters in the UK. Staff are also paid, rather than purely voluntary.

We've been adopting here from the tierheim outside of Luzern. Our fees included all medical pre-checks and needles for the animal. And as Meloncollie has noted, "competition" for the animals is usually high. I was surprised to find that ownership of the animal remains with the shelter forever but it has caused no issues for us whatsoever (just a clever clause that enables them to legally remove animals from people who haven't cared for them properly).

When I adopted a couple of kitties in the UK from a reputable shelter, I was still appalled at how many animals were caged together.....the shelter staff were prepared to give me the cats for free, and were clearly overwhelmed when I gave them 100 as a donation - they were desperate for people to take more animals, and whilst I had a "token" home visit it really felt like a "tick the box" exercise, and I could have taken 20 kitties and no one would have blinked. I had a similar situation in Australia, and in France.

Here when I adopted kitties, we didn't get the home visit, but I had to be interviewed, provide photos, AND the contract to "lease" the cats was extensive. From memory, it cost me CHF180 per cat, not negotiable. There was a seperate room for kittens that had about 30 scampering about, and we managed to find the only one (or she found us) that wasn't already vouched for. 6 other families arrived after us also seeking a kitten, and had to go on a "wait list". Our other adoptions from Switzerland had known health/age issues - so we didn't have competition for securing them - vet fees in Switzerland are expensive, so that's a deterrent for many!

I don't know in the case of dogs, but what I did find in the animal shelters, was a good number of older cats that needing adopting - their owners had gone into aged care homes, and weren't allowed to take their pets with them (don't get me started on that topic!) - which meant we had our pick of gorgeous old boys and girls who were well trained already and just wanting more love.

In our Kanton, we had to pay an additional fee annually to the Germeinde for our dog - covers the supply of poo bags I guess and it was nominal, about CHF30 from memory.

I hope this doesn't put you off adopting a furry family member. But definitely understand that its very different here than to the UK. BTW. We found "importing" our adopted kitties from the UK and France to be a very easy process. Same for our English doggy. That said, we've also been very lucky that our furry children have all been excellent car travellers....

Finally. With no vested interest, we found that the loyalty shopper program with Qualipet was excellent and they regularly have massive savings on pet food so if you can afford to buy in bulk, and keep a watch for those savings, you can save a small fortune!

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