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Re: Getting started with fishing - kids mostly

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Fishing for fun is definitely not frowned upon: if you consider the cost of equipment, licenses and the time you spend fishing - buying x10 amount of that fish in a store would've been cheaper. So we all surely do it for fun as a hobby The thing is, there is really a lot of rules and they need to be followed quite maniacally (fishing regulations are somewhat of a Mona Lisa of Switzerland's art of rule making, in my opinion).

"Kids wanted to catch something for dinner but they caught only small fish so we released it" is a valid situation and it is fair, but there is a catch: if the fishing that your kids are doing is clearly targeting that type of small fish, then your argument might not hold (e.g. they are fishing in very shallow water that is full with minnows and they are using mini hooks and bread, pretty clear what is happening). At the very least, you should be able to explain what type/size of fish you were expecting (i.e. the one you would not release). It will boil down to common sense and whether you convince the police.

Re what type of fishing you can do from the shore, I am not familiar with the fishing situation and specific rules in your area, but in general:
- some bodies of water (including Lac Leman) give you the right to fish without a license if you follow fairly strong limitations in what you do, but for kids with basic equipment it will very likely be fine (so no using artificial bait, spinning, etc.). But it is not suitable for all fish: for example you can probably catch plenty of schwale (roach) by using mais or maggots, but they are not very loved on the dinner table.
- you can buy a daily license and "unblock" full fishing possibilities. But if you want to fish for the "mainstream" fish around (perch, pike, felchen/coregone), you would likely need some specific tackle.

Keep in mind that, even if you fish without a license, you are supposed to follow all the rules, the most important of which: once you land a fish, the first thing you do is either release it or kill it (by stunning and gutting). Keeping a fish with you that is not totally dead is a big no-no.

I don't want to discourage you from taking your kids fishing though, just wanted to lay down all issues ahead I think that the best option is to simply speak with some fishermen in your area - or even better, with a local fishing store, they will be able to suggest you a kid-friendly technique/place and advise on the need of the license.

That is usually true for long-term licenses (e.g. yearly one), but is not required for daily licenses, otherwise tourists or occasional fishermen would not be able to get one.

Thank you for your good detailed answers .. I've been doing a little research off and on today and I think I've found the good solution for getting started ..

Lac de Richelien, Versoix .. Link ..
This is a stocked lake, part of the river versoix running into Lac Leman... License available from the local fishing shop. Where we can also make sure we've got the correct lures, lines, equipment for what's in this particular lake.

Indeed we often see people with lines in the water in town, by the harbour etc .. But prefer a nice remote location rather than in town.. Like the kids last week here
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