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Re: Options/Paths To Permanent Residency and Citizenship for a USA citizen

Thanks for the response Meloncollie.

I am very well off but no, I would not presently qualify as an ultra high net worth individual. In the passing years from now though that's always a possibility on the distribution of outcomes that I can't predict. That said though, even if that were to happen, a lot of my wealth is from my own doing, not by having these people-call-people thing you are mentioning. I'm just a single person in this world, not a Bill Gates network simply because I have some money. I can't just "call" people if I become wealthier any differently than you could other than doing an internet search for immigration offices. Just saying

As far as education, I received a bachelors in university over 10 years ago but it never amounted to much as I quickly became a professional poker player for the following 7 years or so after graduating. With that said, I probably have few, if any, specialized skills that matter in the traditional work place, though I tend to work quite a bit in general on relatively difficult tasks related to my company as that keeps me happy and occupied.

As I mentioned earlier, I speak 3 languages including French. I went to French private school in my youth and maintained most of what I learned so my accent / understanding and speaking are all, at least in my opinion, quite good though I can be a bit rusty the first few weeks but within a month I'd be more than good to go.

While citizenship is a nice end goal of mine, I'm not quite shooting for the moon quite so soon. If citizenship never were to happen that would be acceptable (though obviously worse). Just getting my foot in the door so that I may reserve an apartment rental in the heart of Geneva for 12-24 months to start with would be my first step for now with legal residency.

I understand the grass is greener comment thing you are saying but I have also lived in many countries over the last 10 years or so and I have a good enough understanding at this point to know what it is I'm saying and getting into. If it is legally possible based on what the immigration agencies I've contacted end up saying or any specialized-knowledge individual on this forum my be able to offer, it's what I'd like to pursue. I'll update this thread with any information I get from them in case anyone is curious and continue to chat here since it's been a good time so far meeting everyone.
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