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Re: Options/Paths To Permanent Residency and Citizenship for a USA citizen

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Another point which you may not know is that you could get what we call here on the forum "nosy neighbours". While most neighbours are usually friendly and welcoming some will happily report you to the commune/police if they think you're breaking the rules. You may not want this sort of scrutiny. An example for you.

We had a satellite dish put up, nothing unusual about that you say. But a little while later when I was talking with someone in our commune admin office they asked what size the dish was because they'd been told it was too big - yes there are regulations about how big a dish you can put up in many places here. I was able to tell him the size and it was fine so didn't go any further. No idea who reported it, but someone did.

I have spent more hours than I care to admit learning about Swiss customs and cultures. Of course nothing really beats living in the area to truly understand everything (I have been to Switzerland twice but both times were rather brief).

That said, my overall take as an outsider on the situation has been that there are a lot of situations where the Swiss are very strict or very lenient in various situations. And by and large, I have a lot of respect for the things where strict measures tend to be in place since they tend to be for the good of society rather than useless bureaucratic/fascist policies I see elsewhere. And the lenient measures I see tend to go along with my free market ideologies. Of course, I'm always speaking in large generalizations. I doubt it's a perfect fit for nearly anyone, the point will always be that it's a better fit than other solutions.

I can get why that dish thing is annoying. But that type of thing can happen anywhere, including the states, but maybe it happens more in Switzerland, I don't know. But as a relatively quiet, non-drinker non-party-er and studious/hard-working individual, I don't think there's much in the way for people to complain about me if I were there. I plan on moving into an upscale apartment complex in the middle of the city if it becomes legally possible and minding my own business. I've never had issues in the past and if anyone were to actually say something negative directly to me (as I've heard can happen in Switzerland as this can be culturally acceptable), I'd probably more often than not give them the benefit of the doubt for something I may be obliviously doing wrong and try to correct myself. Who knows. Nobody is perfect.
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