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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Yeah, but I'm not sure how much conscious control we really have over what information our brains choose to process. For example, if you see an ad pop up, you can choose to ignore it but you first had to acknowledge its existence and process some of its content in order to tell yourself to ignore it -- to know that it's something you wanted to ignore.

Anyways... I had once taken a roughly five-year long break from the EF because I was so tired of the constant arguing, etc., and I am feeling reminded again of why I had done that. I think there are just more productive and much more peaceful ways to spend my time. I had started to become active on the EF again last March or so in order to try to keep up to date with the virus situation here in CH. And there are some lovely people here and people who help keep me informed and who make me laugh, etc. But I think it's time I try to re-evaluate whether or not the arguing, etc. really is worth it. It seems like one can rarely leave a comment here without it being either blown up into something much bigger or being taken out of context. Maybe if we were all face-to-face instead of behind computer screens then we would all treat each other a bit more respectfully.
Well, as to the first part: I see a handle and I know I'm not interested. It's even easier as there is a picture with most.

As to the second part: I don't argue on EF. I give my opinion, an advice or make a joke and if someone goes all touchy or aggressive about it - who am I to insist? I don't know the person behind the handle so I have no problem leaving them in their misery.
If you stop arguing that's 50% peace. The other side usually gets bored if you don't bite.

I find it quite interesting to read different opinions (unfortunately many seem not to and shout "ban" when it's not main stream) as there are some characters on EF who I won't likely have an urge to talk to in real life. It's still interesting to learn how they think and why. One can always get an input (or be put off which again is better to know those are out there than be taken by surprise some day)

But yeah, you have a point when you say there are better things to do than hang out on EF all day. Same goes for facebook etc.
If there is a God, then I believe hes more insulted by religion than he is by atheism.
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