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Re: Advice on tires

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Former Audi/VW mechanic taking the risk of weighing in on a BMW issue. As others have said, get your alignment and suspension components checked. Those front tires aren't experiencing normal wear. Your X4 is doing something to them. Vehicles that have a front engine (and even worse, a front engine and transaxle, which your vehicle likely doesn't have) rely on various suspension tricks to keep the vehicle reasonably balanced. Anything from worn struts to control arms or even subframe bushings can result in unusual front tire wear, and that's just the beginning of the list.

If you replace only the front tires, watch out in a year or two when the rear tires are getting worn but the front tires still have decent tread. That is when the vehicle might be inclined to quickly change directions without asking you first. Ditto from Day 1 if you simply purchase softer, more grippy tires for the front than you have in the rear.

TL DR: your X4 is telling you that something is wrong.
Thanks for this.
The car is still under warranty and free service. I spoke to the BMW helpline and they asked me to speak to a service partner. I have written to the guy I normally deal with at Emil Frey Lausanne - not spoken to him because the guy's English is not great and I used Google Translate to compose a comprehensive note on the issue.
Been 3 days but no reply.
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