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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It's really an odd one. It was clear that France and Germany were so keen to force a deal. After all, their banks are the most exposed were the Euro to fail, and the Euro would very likely fail if any of the Club Med countries were to go bust. Not to mention they will receive much of the money back in any case one way or another!

The "Frugal Four" arguments were also expected (anyone would think that the Dutch don't like to part with their money ). On a more serious note, it does seem strange that money is willingly sent from North to South in the absence of any evidence that they'll change their ways down there. Once all the money has been spent, which it undoubtedly will, then they'll just be back to square one . As I think I already said, it's a completely unsustainable approach which has just plastered over the cracks. It's no coincidence that an Italexit Political party was launched this week.

Ireland just going along with what Germany and France want is more of a surprise given how badly they've done out of this "deal". I'm sure they'll change tune, no doubt when it's far too late, once the EU really start going after Ireland over her tax laws.

What this has done is shown how the Brexit vote was important and done at the right time. Whilst the EU bailout deal is not the "Hamiltonian Moment" that some have declared, it is without doubt a step in the direction of full Federalism and all without a single vote being cast. A Federal Europe by the back door as I believe Margaret Thatcher once said.
It is amazing after so much discussion in this thread that people still do not understand the EU processes.

The European Parliament, the union’s legislative body, still has to pass the measure.
The weak democratic language may lead to its defeat, which could mean the EU has to go back to square one with a spiraling economic disaster even closer.
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