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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I'm with the "frugal" ones here. I can't stand the fact that there are no conditions for the EU money, as a result of negotiations and imposed by certain countries. Instead of finding a way to give those much needed money directly to projects or companies that need investments they're going first to bureaucracy and govs.

But, this is what countries voted for.

And certain parties/persons in Italy would love to be allowed to be as (fiscally, budgetary) indisciplined and for as long as they want, totally ignoring the euro zone rules they signed for being accepted.

While you might be right on this one, choosing to side with parties that actually want exactly what you dislike, it's rather strange. Imagine Ukip and Farage. I really hope this party won't develop the same strategies because this time around EU will be forced to take an official position. And it won't be good for Italy. Italy is not in the insular UK's position. Don't think it's fun to watch EU burning down, since UK is out and all that, it is not. It will be not, this time around.
To clarify, I sympathise with BOTH sides and have no dog in this fight. When one looks at poor Italy, they have really done badly out of EU membership, I was reading an article recently that said that Italy has seen NO GDP growth since joining the Euro 20 years ago! Just like Greece, they have suffered with the weight of the single currency. If I had suffered this much then I would also want my politicians to fight for a good deal!

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Bulgaria is the country with the lowest income tax rate in the EU. How many people fancy to move there?
Not only the low tax rate, they also have 300 days sunshine a year and some of the finest beaches in Europe. Did I mention one is also allowed to own a gun there? Not a bad place to retire to (for a few years) by any stretch of the imagination!
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