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Re: Moving from Switzerland to Denmark and T1 Moving/Export Form

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My job was something quite specialized in energy.

Not sure what what a bank would do with an electrical engineer. Don't know what the requirements for researchers are to get into this E48 tax thing. Maybe worthwhile checking out with universities like DTU.
I can also work in IT if that's better paid. I just don't have any university qualification for it.
Either way I'm sick of employers finding whatever excuse to justify paying low wages .

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And yes, Denmark is expensive and they make you bleed tax-wise.
Yeah, I get your point. Still from what my uncle told me it's not *that* bad, probably around 40% taxes (and his salary is not so low either). Probably depends also in which commune you live in.

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Still can work out for you if private things are compensating for this, but there is a reason most families rely on two full-time jobs. At least the weather is good ...
I'm not interested in kids as far as women of my generation are just a bunch of cheaters, thanks. Of course those having 2-3 kids need 2-3 salaries. Even more true if they live in big cities. I'm looking at the countryside.

Anyway in Switzerland you cannot possibly buy a house on your own with the salary I currently have, it's just not possible.
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