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Re: Options/Paths To Permanent Residency and Citizenship for a USA citizen

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While perhaps a long shot, have you considered exploring canton Zug?

Zug is (in)famously (and anecdotally and arguably) stereotyped as wealthy foreigner friendly.

Have a gander around the Zug cantonal website, even if only just for fun:

Just tossing that out there.

All the best.

That's a very nice suggestion Meloncollie, however really for me I am trying to restrict myself just to the French areas because I know that language rather well. I wouldn't mind learning a fourth language one day, like German, but I'd probably rather do that if I'm already living there and its an easier side quest at that point rather than a must do from the get go.

I have been having conversations with two immigration firms (one never responded). The more serious firm has said that they work on a fixed fee with no guarantee of success. I asked a follow up question if I apply to more Cantons if that changes the chance of success, which I have yet to hear an answer on. Presumably based on what you said and what I've read the answer is yes. I'm not sure if that changes their pricing model though.

Geneva has been and continues to be my favorite of the bunch. But if it increases my chances of entry to apply to other Cantons I'd also be looking at living in Lausanne, Sion or maybe even Fribourg. If local jursisdictions matter within the state of Geneva, I could see Lancy/Vernier. Basically any reasonable sized town.

The crazy cool thing I've noticed with Switzerland is that even the smaller towns with 30,000 people still have a lot of character and charm. This ultimately doesn't surprise me taking a step back because Switzerland is just such a good country filled with such good people. It's still shocking to me though because if you have towns like this in the USA they are often the most worthless things ever in my experiences with nothing but unhealthy chain restaurants and no personality. So while I'd dread living in smaller towns in the United States, in Switzerland it seems quite doable for me if that were to make the immigration process possible.
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