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Re: EU tax refund while driving

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First, this is actually illegal and is tax and duty fraud. Second, if you do it do not use the same crossings. Specially do not drive in, get the stamp, and then immediately out. Third, they might check the date on the receipt and ask you where the heck you have been between time of purchase and getting the stamp so late. Forth, people got caught and got burned. Fraudster discretion advised, smuggle responsibly.
Fair, technically speaking. But I think it also comes down to the common sense: at the end of the day OP had the right to that VAT and did not get it just because they did not know how (which yes, in theory is their problem). I would attempt it only if the goods are not visibly used though. Also, it is not even clear so far if the goods were >300chf, in that case OP already technically committed a criminal offence and doing what I suggested might actually be "the right thing".

If Swiss VAT is not due, it might be worth a shot (as opposed to, for example what would be really bad is if OP had 10 invoices for 299chf each, did not pay VAT, and now goes to the border every day to stamp one of them).
The job of the EU agent border, at the end of the day, is to objectively confirm the fact that the person that the invoice was issued to is crossing the borders with the goods included in the invoice - and that would happen.

But yep, at your own risk at the end of the day
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