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Re: UPC, Swisscom or init7

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Erm, no they don't. Swisscom offer S, M and L internet with defined max line speeds.

L is fibre appropriate with a 10Gbit/s max download speed, M is presumably for those like myself on a half decent DSL connection with a 200 Mbit/s max download speed. S has an even lower cap.

As others have noted some ISPs also do more than just rent lines from Swisscom and have to use their own hardware at exchanges etc. so it's perfectly feasible to get different offers to the same address.
With respect, just BS. Wingo is Swisscom, and offers "best available speed" if you are (physically) forced on copper.
Swisscom S/M/L is not connected stringently to one of both technologies copper or fiber. If you take L, but are restricted to copper, you'll get best speed available. Also if it does barely make sense on costs side. It's that simple. And since also init7 of course is no magician, they'll not be able to offer something superior in speed that swisscom does not already provide.

Init7 is the perfect match for true believers. Like you? Init7 indeed has some success in insinuating to be offering something exceptional, like its repeatedly alleged "superior peering", that no one can properly ascertain. If you look at it by light, for those with open eyes, they might realize that the offer is just +/- the same like those of all other providers. And init7's "best bang for the buck" has long since gone, several others, shall i mention SALT Fiber?, are more competitive.
For the init7 fanboys, all is left is their delusional certainity to have subscribed to an "exceptional" provider. Stick on that, if you feel a need for it.

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