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10+ kmh over limit in France and Suisse in 1 week.

I'm having a comedy of minor errors right now, and while I'm reasonably sure that nothing grave will come of this except paying fines, I am curious if there's a possibility of something like having my license revoked.

Error 1: I just spend a week in Lacanau, and the AirBNB we stayed at didn't have parking. So we parked at the north beach parking and payed for a week in advance. After a day trip in Bordeaux, the parking ticket slipped from the windshield and I saw that I had a parking fine as I was loading up to leave. I still have the parking pass, but I couldn't exactly stay to contest it, as I was leaving that day. Plus the fine said they would mail it to my residence.

Error 2: While leaving Lacanau for home, I was flashed by a speed camera doing 90kmh in an 80kmh zone in the middle of absolutely nowhere between Lacanau and Bordeaux.

Error 3: I've been home for 2 days, and went to go pick up my dogs from the doggy hotel. While driving through my city, I saw a flash and noticed that I got tagged by a camera. Caught totally by surprise, I looked at my dash and noticed that I was doing 63kmh in a 50kmh.

Now, each of these were my fault, except maybe the parking fine, but none of them were particularly egregious. I would have to imagine that France would need to contact some Swiss license/government agency for my residence info, and I'm curious if having 3 such minor incidences in under a week is going to cause me some trouble.

Does anyone have some insight they can share?
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