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Re: Are you ever too old to be a beginner?

it depends on the profession.

generally in Switzerland employers expect a qualification in their field of activity that can be achieved by having a diploma/EFZ/bachelor/etc and then work experience. it is not impossible but you will first need to commit a few years to studying and then some time for searching for jobs. this happens if you want to change field of activity
then, Swiss nationals are preferred for the jobs where hundreds of people with more or less the same skills apply for the same job.
So choosing a work field where you want to be employed needs to take into consideration not only what you like to do but also the demand and offer on the job market.
Concrete example: a diploma in graphic design would hardly bring you a job on the Swiss market.

if you want to start your own business and you are good and passionate at what you do, as well as have realistic expectations, market entry and the needed time and money ressources, you will succeed.

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My story begins a few years ago when I came to CH to study. I had a very nice few years, I made a lot of friends, I was working in various jobs, including a restaurant job. I had an idea that, once I graduate from what I have studied, I will reasonably fast find a fitting job. Now, I can blame Corona or my lack of German skills (B2 level, but I still make mistakes from A2 level, mostly related to grammar), but ever since I graduated in March, I had no luck in finding a job. I have sent like 40 open letters or job applications, and I only had one interview (is 40 too little?). Actually, I am quite sure I can blame Corona, because some of them explained that they are even letting people go because of the situation.

What makes me sometimes miserable and question my whole life is the fact that I am 30 years old now. I had some job experience in my homeland, but never in my recently graduated profession. So, applying for internships, not having experience or even knowledge for many of those jobs, with 30, I feel as if sometimes I stand no chance with those who are 24 and applying for the same position. Because I still need to survive, I am again working in a restaurant. It is not an easy job and I often feel underappreciated, but I have no choice.

From your knowledge or experience, is starting with the early 30s with the profession kinda late? Do I still stand a chance of finding a job, or when employers see my CV, my age, and a gap in work-experience, it will decrease my chances a lot?

Lastly, I hope I did not offend anyone older than me. I don't think a person is "old" when 30, I just think it's kinda inconvenient age to be inexperienced. I am having a lot of self-doubts and feel bad about myself so maybe someone here has a positive story that might cheer me up, or at least set my expectations more realistically.
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