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Re: Cannot de-register / obtain annonce de départ

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Ahhh the insurance bozos...

I have a thread here that explain my clash with assura upon my temporary departure.

in summary, I obtained the cancellation of my contract despite not providing the exact paper they wanted (the permanent departure paper) and I kept my C permit.

All entities involved told me something different, knowing that they were lying (or uninformed). The most ridiculous was the office in Biel.

Anyway, despite what anyone tells you, here what the Office de médiation de l’assurance-maladie told me (sorry, it's in italian):

Per quanto riguarda le risposte contraddittorie che ha ricevuto in merito all'obbligo d’assicurazione in Svizzera, posso dirle quanto segue:

Dall’entrata in vigore dell’Accordo sulla libera circolazione delle persone tra Unione Europea e Svizzera del 1° giugno 2002 (ALC) una persona è soggetta all’obbligo d’assicurazione nello stato dove esercita un attività lucrativa (principio del luogo di lavoro). Questo principio vale anche se la persona non è domiciliata nello stato dove lavora ( i frontalieri).

Quindi se lei lavora in Spagna, è soggetto all’obbligo d’assicurazione in Spagna. Anche se lei vorrebbe, non avrebbe neanche il diritto di mantenere il contratto d’assicurazione obbligatoria delle cure medico sanitarie presso Assura o un altra cassa malati svizzera.

Basically you pay the insurance in the Country you work. There is no obbligation to keep paying the CH insurance.

What I did was bashing Assura at the phone, stopped paying the monthly premium, provided the only paper the office in Biel gave me (attenstation de domicilie) and contact the surmentioned office de mediation and any other supervising office I could find.

After few months Assura canceled my contract and gave me back the one month premium I paid on top of the official departure day day.

My case could be different than yours, but this is a lesson which applies to most controversy in CH. They lie. Inform yourself and don't comply blindly. Bash them, write them on social and leave terrible reviews on google. It works.

Sorry you had to cope with this- I'm glad your tenacity won in the end though and you got a refund and cancellation!