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Re: Hospital 'forgot' to do 2 things during my surgery.......

This sounds like a really frustrating experience, I am very sorry for you.

One problem you are facing is that every single service that is done in a hospital must be billed to someone. It's not like a dispute with a small business owner who might offer to do work to repair an unsatisfactory job for free. As an example, I recently took my car to the garage to have it serviced for its expertise (MFK). It failed the expertise on four points. I took my car back to the garage and they agreed to repair these four problems for free, as they had guaranteed their original work.

But with healthcare it's different. Who are you expecting to pay for your second surgery? Are you hoping the surgeon will agree they made an error and suggest that you send the bills to them, which they will then pay out of their own pocket? Do you want the hospital to pay? Their insurance to pay? As frustrating as this is for you, as Capetownian said, medicine isn’t always an absolute science, and no treatment comes with a guarantee. I don't think your problems amount to gross negligence to the extent that you can sue someone, especially over such a relatively small amount as 2000.- CHF.

I agree it's not really fair, and it's probably not what you want to hear, but from what I know about how things work in Switzerland you don't really have a case worth pursuing.
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