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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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It's just way more open to abuse than people turning up in person with ID and voting. HickvonFrick has already gone into more detail on how this happens. In the UK there's also been reports of students voting from both their home address and campus address.

The US isn't Switzerland and given the nature of the awful partisan nature of American politics at the moment then postal voting would just be open to abuse. If the people want President Trump out then it should be done so without any chance of a legal challenge after the election, and that means no postal voting. Can you imagine anything more unedifying than President Trump refusing to accept the result and squatting in the White House while the legal proceedings play out?
Neither you nor HickvonFrick has provided actual evidence though, just more of the same talking points. There is no evidence that absentee ballots or vote by mail are "more open to fraud, tampering, abuse and intimidation." There are many checks against fraud and tampering. I can see your point a little bit on the abuse and intimidation, but even those would be a small number and not likely to swing an election.

Five states vote almost exclusively by mail (there are in-person options too but they're limited). The rest of the states have a combination. Each state determines its own mail-in voting rules, there's no federal rule. So no, there will not be widespread elimination of mail in voting this election or any other any time soon. Remember, seniors tend to vote Republican and they overwhelmingly vote by mail. Even Trump is voting by mail.

Let's be honest. Mail in voting or not, Trump will clog the court system if he doesn't win outright. He's already put in place plans to do so. Precedent from Bush v. Gore would indicate that he'd have an uphill battle trying to overturn many states or use delay tactics.
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