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Questions for the Pilots here

So I was talking to a colleague, who recently bought a small plane... and it revived the younger me who (many years ago) flew over the doughnut in Cheltenham during the few lessons I took. Which got me thinking about restarting my PPL journey.

That said, I do have a few questions -

. I saw some "intensive" courses in the UK for 6000 all in, where I would take 3-4 weeks off and do nothing but the PPL. Seems not just more cost effective, but also, based on what I read online, a better way to retain the knowledge between lessons. There are similar ones in South Africa... The advantages I see are: cost, time and language. Has anyone done one of these? Thoughts? (I'm thinking of a similar approach to how I teach diving, do the PPL in the UK, and then take 4-5 hours of lessons in CH as an intro to local conditions)
. I understand that a UK PPL (EASA) would allow me to fly in CH, right? Does brexit affect this? Can I then do my night add-on in CH, or would I need to do that in the UK after I get the minimum hours?
. Part of me thinks that I could do the lessons in CH, but by buying the plane first... then that would cut the hiring costs to fuel and maintenance. Something like a Cessna 152 or 172 seems like the right approach, and adding 50-60 hours on the engine wouldn't devalue the plane too much to resell after the lessons for something a bit faster/rangier (is that a world? I'm thinking a Piper PA32, or something on those lines 4-6 seats, but with 600+ mile range).. (or to keep it for a while). Thoughts?
. For those with a PPL - how often do you fly? Does the weather over the alps in winter stay consistent enough to fly VFR?
. Is there something like IFR(Restricted) in CH? The full IFR seems quite... heavy for someone that just wants to have a 300-400 mile range mid-life crisis toy...
. Looking at planes, I see anything from 1000-10,000 hour engines in my budget range, how long does an engine go normally between rebuilds?
. Looking at my local airstrip, landing fees are very reasonable (9CHF) and storage depends on space... but also doesn't appear to be more than a garage in Zurich... add landing fees wherever I go, insurance, fuel, maintenance, annual-checkup... what else should I be budgeting for?
. How do taxes/importing work? Assuming I buy something in Germany, I note there is 25% EU VAT. I assume that I can deduct that, and then add the Swiss 7%?
. For those with a plane, is it "normal" for a newbie to ask an instructor to come along for a viewing of a potential purchase? Or better yet, a mechanic? (paid of course). I wouldn't know what to look out for...
. On the tax front, how does flying across borders work? Say I buy the plane in Germany, register it in CH (so minus the EU vat and add the Swiss VAT). I assume I can then fly to Italy for a weekend, and not pay EU VAT again, right? How do customs work when landing in another country? Do airstrips normally hae opening hours? Can I land at night at any airstrip once I have a night license? So many questions!


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