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Re: Questions for the Pilots here

ohh man... Without having any aircraft ownership experience and not flying regularly in Switzerland just some thoughts from the side:

Training: usually you get what you paid for, no big surprises. If there is a huge price difference, there must be a reason.
You can fly in Switzerland with any EASA licence, no problem. As soon as you need an exam or check ride with authorities you must do it with an approved instructor of the licencing country. Meaning UK licence = UK instructor/examiner. Doesn't mean though UK airport Anyway, switching any EASA licence to a Swiss licence is no problem, it has only administrative costs.

I strongly recommend learning (especially if you want such 'intensive') on what you want to fly later. I only have a chance to fly a few hours every 2-3 months and it's tough (I'm around 100 hours). Even missing a few weeks means a lot. I wouldn't dare to go to the Alps without a proper, specific training.

IFR restricted: I'm only aware the possibility to do IFR day only. Anyway: if you don't plan to fly a lot (like a lot!), single pilot IFR will be definitely a challenge. And for what? You will not win a lot with a C150/172, at least you would need something FIKI rated, otherwise you only loose freedom of your flights.

How much would you fly after completing your training? The aircraft maintenance cost might be a bit higher than you expect. It's not just a car what you take for oil change once a year and done deal. All the instruments regularly need to be calibrated, every parts must be certified for the type, etc, etc. Below 100s of yearly hours probably not worth it.
Also note, most of the flight schools charge extra if the training is not done on their aircraft.

Flying across the border: nothing special to be done if you don't land
If you do, you need an airport with customs (there are some with on-call possibilities) on both ends.

Night flights: not many lighted GA airports in Switzerland, then as you say: opening hours, noise limitations. And again: with small experience flying NVFR with a C152 is not the secret of long life.

Don't want to scare you, but you need to know what you want. Flying a Cessna along the Swiss mountains on the sunny weekends is beautiful and I can only recommend. If you rather want to use it for travelling to Italy/Germany, etc, probably you want something faster from a bigger airport. Let's clear that up first so we could advise better.
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