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Re: Swiss people. The masters of passive aggressive notes

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I cannot think of any girl or woman I've met in the past few decades, of any persuasion, (progressive, liberal, conservative, egalitarian, alternative, integrated, serious, wild, boring, scathing, educated, illiterate, religious, anarchistic, devoted, businesswoman, employee, unemployed, homeless, married, single, polyamorous, lesbian or hetera, mother or not, aged 10 to 100, in Europe or elsewhere) who would rather paint herself as the victim of real or imaginary patriarchy, than stand up for herself.

I'm not saying you haven't encountered such women. Nor am I saying there aren't issues around gender and sex. But since you repeatedly refer to that view on life, and I don't know who those women are, perhaps I'd better be able to understand who/what you mean, were you to post some links to women who, in your opinion, are representatives of what you mean by "modern feminism" or a charta which sets out their "modern feminist doctrine".
These aren't my claims, feel free to inform yourself, Wiki provides a good entry point despite its inherent problems.

Women's victimhood is central to today's feminism.

The condensed version goes like:
The imaginary patriarchy supposedly suppresses women. Therefore it's oppressors against oppressed, men against women, perpetrators against victims. That means men are evil and women are good, angelic even. That's why women must be believed, always, as supposed victims they are given the moral upper hand and in turn validates outrage, removes the need for dialogue to establish common ground, and fosters cancel culture. After all, just like only a Nazi would stand up for other Nazis, only a sexist would argue against canceling sexists. Therefore it's safe to remove them all.

Take these women (TA article in German, screenies with the translation by deepl below). Only the victims are given a voice, and not a single bit is questioned - women never lie so there's no reason to second-guess. And you'll be hard pressed to see a similar article featuring men, after all the perpetrators don't deserve any attention or public space at all. The best you're likely to find is an article on Covid where the majority happens to be male.

The women are presented as victims of discrimination, sexism, catcalling, and whatnot. Instead of addressing the problem in situ and talking to the others, which btw might reveal that the women's assumptions to be unfounded, they complain afterwards in a newspaper where all statements are accepted as the gospel truth.

Let's consider Fabienne's statements. In the absence of additional information, age roughly goes along with higher roles, that's why people usually address the older/oldest in a group. In a team of two there's a better than 50/50 chance that the other is older than 28, but that possibility doesn't even cross her mind. Instead people are expected to be mindreaders and immediately know that she has the lead. And how does that go along with her claim that she's assigned certain types of tasks, I would expect a teamleader to decide exactly that. Maybe she's not that much of a leader and she wasn't given that position again? The same kind of contradiction hides in the WC (loo) stuff where she claims that she doesn't want anything special yet complains about not getting just that. And the statement that she's less strong than the men is quite probably correct considering her picture, also see Eva's remark on lifting 120-kg loads.

And everything's anonymous and behind the alleged perpetrator's backs, feel free to tell me again that they stand up for themselves.

The translation-screenies:
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