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Re: Swiss people. The masters of passive aggressive notes

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The shortest man in my extended family is 5'11"/1.80m. In my immediate family, it's 6'1"/1.85m. Half of them played rugby. The other half did some other sport that is conducive to developing broad shoulders. The shorter/same height as me boyfriends that I had got really defensive around them. I would also feel protective of a shorter guy unless he was a professional Krav Maga instructor or similarly badass character.

I have also dated men who were financially worse off, that doesn't really bother me, after all, if I want to do certain things and the only way for him to afford it is if I pay, so be it. I enjoy good company more than worrying about keeping a tally of expenses. This is also why I should not be in charge of the money because I am too generous. What I would not be ok with is for him to incur unnecessary expenses, such as getting fines for speeding or being careless with belongings.

Finally, here's what bothers me about the financial emphasis: if you are worried about the cost, you do everything in your power to avoid it. By focusing on how much cost is incurred by the mother choosing not to abort the child that you helped create, you are placing the blame on her alone and painting yourself as a victim. If you choose your partner poorly AND want to enjoy the full benefits of a (hopefully!) monogamous relationship, then you really only have yourself to blame. You do not get to have your cake and eat it.
You're trying to disprove a generalisation with individual cases, unfortunately it doesn't work this way. Trying to turn it into a personal thing isn't helpful either - the category women is distinct from the person that is you.

Stating facts (Ok, what I believe to be fact) is entirely different from putting blame, you're misinterpreting. Facts stand for themselves, they can be disproven. Blame on the other hand is a moral term, as well as victimhood, a category I didn't even touch in passing. Actually I prefer to leave that to the modern feminists, it appears to be just about the only base they have for their hogwash.
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